Posted on July 21st, 2014

Cozumel Salseros are in for a real treat this August!  Ricky Campanelli has finally accepted our invitation to visit Cozumel.  Ricky is a Salsa artists and DJ from Montreal, and is brother of Cozumel fan Sandra Campanelli who brings new dance workshops each time she visits the island.  But don’t think he’s just here on vacation.  He’s coming to celebrate in grand style the going away party for our dear friend and world class Salsa musician Jesus Alejandro “El Niño”.  Jesus has been delighting Salseros at La Rumba for the last several months here in Cozumel and even sharing music from his newest album.  Jesus and Angelito from La Rumba play each week a variety of Latin rhythms. We’ll defiantly miss Jesus being here on the island, so all the local Salseros will defiantly come out to show their love during his going away party on August 4 at La Rumba.  Cover charge is only 50 pesos.  Location: La Rumba on 10th Ave between Salas and 1st Street South.   

Posted on March 6th, 2014

​Well, this year's Carnaval in Cozumel didn't impress any Salseros with the guest artists.  No Salsa concerts were included in this year's line-up.  Only Banda and Cumbia headliners were featured due to lack of "funding" from Cozumel's city government.  So Cancun stepped up to feed local Salsero's hunger for live Salsa concerts.  Marc Anthony will be giving a concert in Cancun's baseball stadium on Thursday April 17, 2014.  Tickets are already on sale, so get them before they're sold out.  I've already bought mine...wouldn't miss this one for the world! Check out Ticketmaster for concert tickets.

Posted on January 4th, 2014

So your dancing friends and new instructor are telling you there is an upcoming Salsa Congress in your area that you should attend.  You ask yourself what is a Salsa Congress, and why should I attend as a beginner student?

A “Salsa Congress” is a gathering and multi-day event usually over the weekend, which can consist of dance classes, social dancing, performances, live music, specialized salsa DJs, pool or beach parties,  and an opportunity for dancers from a large region to come together.  Although the Salsa rhythm may be a foundation of a “Salsa Congress” many congresses also include other genres of dance such as Bachata, Casino, Kizomba, Timba, etc.

What Are The Workshops/Classes Like?

For about an hour, expert instructors from outside your local area will teach a group class specializing in a certain technique.  The classes range from beginning to advanced.  Classes will consist of a warm up, and/or an overall explanation about the dance.  For the majority of the class expect to dance with rotating partners. This is a great opportunity to get more advanced instruction from dancers who are not usually present in your region.  Students learn very quickly in workshops.

 Do I Need A Partner To Attend The Workshops?

Not at all!  In classes, expect the instructors to have everyone rotate partners ( if you do come as a couple you can elect not to rotate, but one always learns much more by dancing with different people!).

What Do I Wear ?

DRESS COMFORTABLY for Workshops!!  Work-out clothes are good–save your “dress to impress” attire- for the social dancing at night!  There will be dance floors in the workshops and evening socials, so you can wear dance shoes, but they certainly are not necessary.  Bring a water bottle and camera to record the summary that the instructor provides at the end of the workshops, and small towel and or hand fan to cool off between songs at the evening socials. Dancers will pull out their most elegant salsa attire during the Palladium Night event. 

Do I Need Dance Experience To Attend a Congress?

For Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Timba there will be beginning level classes.  Most workshops start out easy and end with the most advanced steps.  But throughout the Congress expect dancers ranging from beginner to advanced!  Even advanced dancers take beginning classes to work on the important foundations of the dance.

Is There Alcohol?

Although dancers don't tend to drink much at the evening socials, the Palladium Night or main social event will be open bar.

When is the next Salsa Congress in Cozumel?

The first annual Salsa and Timba Fest will be held Jan 24-26, 2014.  Tickets are still available and you can see their Facebook page here.  If attending the whole event seems overwhelming, you can purchase just evening passes, or just single day passes.  
Saturday Workshop schedule for the Salsa and Timba Fest 2014

Posted on December 10th, 2013

Get ready for the first Salsa congress and festival of its kind in Cozumel.  Both national and international dancers will be attending the first annual Salsa and Timba Fest Cozumel this January.  The island welcomes dancers of all levels to participate in the event’s shows, parties, dance workshops, Palladium Salsa and Timba Social, Pool and Beach parties, and of course the inevitable after parties!!  Internationally known dance couples such as the sensual Fito and Xilo from Oaxaca Mexico will be teaching Bachata workshops and showing off their 3 time national championship style during evening shows.  Also Cindi and Vladimir will be introducing participants to Kizomba workshops, which is the newest style of dance showcased in Salsa and Bachata congresses worldwide.  Other workshops and styles showcased include Cuban Timba, Rueda de Casino, and Salsa On2.  And of course to keep everyone on the dance floor all evening, 6 different Salsa and Timba DJ’s will be spinning only the best music, including the event organizer DJ Latin Soul.  The event will be held January 24-26, 2014 at several different locations including Cozumel Hotel and Resort and Margaritaville.  See the event’s Facebook page here for more details on host hotel options, and festival passes.  A Salsa congress in tropical paradise….what more could one ask for???

Posted on November 30th, 2013

Congratulations to local Cozumel Salseros Neiby Osorio and Julio Balderas for their recent participation in the Salsa Stars Amateur competition in Cancun.  The competition was part of a large Salsa Congress held on November 30, 2013.  The event was organized by instructor Israel Betancourt of Montwuno  Dance Company.  8 couples participated in the competition that evening, and just one walked away with the cash prize.  The competition level was very high for an amateur contest, with couples as far as Monterrey Mexico participating.  This was the first time both Neiby and Julio had participated in this competition, and although did not place in one of the top couples, they did very well according to their dance teacher in Cozumel, Shonary Acosta.  Both Neiby and Julio recently passed their test to graduate to the intermediate level classes that they attend twice a week. Neiby and Julio’s choreography included complicated footwork patterns, interesting turn combinations, and even tricks.  Also, special thanks to Oscar Salsa Cam for the great photo.  Felicidades Julio y Neiby!!!

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